PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Spring 2013


Prof. Qiu Prof. Zongan Qiu
Ph. 392-8745
phy2054 AT
Office: 2039 NPB (see office hours)
Avery Prof. Paul Avery
Ph. 392-9264
phy2054 AT
Office: 2029 NPB (see office hours)

Teaching assistants (for office hours, see here)

Name Office
Phone (email)
Guita Banan B170 273.3142 (banan)
Chris Billman 2323 392.3010 (billman)
Andrew Carnes 1234 846.0818 (acarnes)
David Curry 2013 392.1449 (curry)
Bradley Nartowt 2155 392.0310 (nartowt)
Gordon Tam B61 392.5806 (gnt)
Chris Wagner 2150 392-3282 (cwagner)

Please do not send e-mail to Qiu & Avery's direct accounts, and send mail only from your Gatorlink account (messages coming from other accounts could be anyone posing as you). Only e-mails TO phy2054 AT that are mailed FROM your Gatorlink accounts will receive a response. Mail to your TAs should be to their individual mail accounts.