PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Spring 2018

Exam Overview

  • There will be 2 in-term exams and a final exam. None of the exam grades will be dropped.
  • Exams are multiple choice with your answers bubbled in on Scantron sheets. Mark your answers carefully. What you mark will determine your score (independent of your having meant otherwise).
  • The date and time for each exam, and the chapters it covers, are listed below, along with room assignments based on your last name.
  • Unless superseded by a valid excuse a missed exam will result in a zero. Valid excuses are officially sanctioned UF events, medical excuses or family emergencies. Acceptable excuses will require a coach’s, doctor’s or instructor sanctioned note with a verifiable contact phone number. A valid excuse will allow you to take the make-up exam.
  • A few practice exams are available on the PHY2054 e-Learning site.

Allowed Materials for Exams

  • You must bring your GatorOne ID to the exam.
  • Cell phones and all other wireless devices must be turned off and out of sight. If such a device is seen during the exam you will receive a zero for that exam.
  • For exams 1 and 2, one formula sheet (2 sides) on standard 8.5x11 paper.
    For the final exam, two formula sheets (2 sides apiece) on standard 8.5x11 paper.
  • Bring pencil, eraser, sharpener, calculator (and spare batteries).
PHY2054 Exam Schedule
Date Exam Material Time Room Assignments*
Feb. 12
Exam 1 Chapters
8:20-10:20pm WEIM 1064: TBA
MCCC 0100:
CSE A101:
PUGH 170:
FLI 0050:
Mar. 20
Exam 2 Chapters
8:20-10:20pm MCCC 0100: TBA
WEIM 1064:
PUGH 170:
FLI 0050:
CSE A101:
May 1
Final exam Chapters
12:30-2:30pm TBA
*Room assignments are based on the first 1 or 2 letters of your last name.