PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Spring 2018


The course pages will have minor changes added through the first week of classes. We are still identifying homework problems to use in the ExpertTA online system. Exam, quiz and HW due dates should all be OK.

Jan. 11 ExpertTA registration: All students must register to ExpertTA, even if you previously had an account in Physics 1. We are uploading new students to the ExpertTA roster every day (last one was this morning), and about 50% of students have registered. Please register ASAP so that you can start looking at the homework (HW0 is not counted).

HITT registration: Register your remote clicker for the correct period as described on the HITT page. Remember that your HITT points will not count if your clicker is unregistered.

Email: Email should be sent only to phy2054 AT so that both instructors see it. We do not respond to email sent through Canvas or to our personal accounts.

Textbook chapters uploaded: Textbook chapters 18 - 27 have each been uploaded separately to e-Learning under Files->Textbook

Jan. 9 Welcome to PHY2054! Lectures begin Tuesday, Jan. 9, in NPB 1001 (period 4/5).
  • New textbook/homework system: Our department has adopted a new textbook (OpenStax "College Physics") and a new online homework system (ExpertTA) for the 2053-2054 sequence. We are still learning how to integrate these new course elements so please let us know if you see inconsistencies.
  • ExpertTA registration: Please register for the ExpertTA online homework at the link provided on the homework page. You can register only if your name is in the ExpertTA roster we previously uploaded (we update the roster daily as new students sign up for this course).
  • HITT registration: Please register your remote on the HITT page. Once you provide your UFID and transmitter ID (6 digts on the back of your transmitter), the software will link your name to the transmitter and the points you accumulate will be assigned to your name. You can only use your HITT transmitter in one class period.
  • Students with Disabilities: Please read the material on the Overview page, particularly the part about test accommodations.
  • email should be sent only to phy2054 AT so that both instructors see it.

Some schedule-related items

  • The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, quiz dates and on-line homework due dates.
  • Discussion sections start Wednesday, January 10. It is important to attend the discussion section you are registered for, otherwise your quiz scores will not be counted. Quizzes are given on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week, depending on section (see schedule page).
  • The first homework assignment is due Monday, Jan. 22, by 10pm. To familiarize yourself with the HW system, make sure to exercise the trial HW0, due Tuesday Jan. 16 (not counted toward final grade). Homework due dates are shown on the schedule page
  • Quizzes begin in the discussion sections in the week of January 22. Quiz dates are shown on the schedule page
  • phy2054 lab is run as a separate course, and typically starts the second week of classes.