PHY 2054 - Physics II - Summer C 2013

(due by Monday at 11:59pm on the dates shown below)

To get onto the online homework system you will need to enter the access code that came with the hardcopy textbook.

To login on WebAssign: go to WebAssign using the following information:
   username = gatorlink
   institution code = ufl
   initial password = same as username

You should change your initial password when you login for the first time. Note that the first online homework assignment is due on Friday, May 24, 2013. The course Schedule page gives the assigned sets and due dates. Once the due date/time has passed no further input of answers for credit will be accepted. It is your responsibility to get your homework in on time. Last minute computer/local server problems will not excuse you from this responsibility.

WebAssign Homework Problems:
  • The problems come from your textbook. However, the values for masses, charges, angles, etc. for each problem are different for each student.
  • You will have five tries to get the correct answer. You will not be counted off for "significant figures", however to get credit your answer must be correct within 2% with correct sign.
  • For most of the problems WebAssign will give you a “hint” after the third incorrect try.
There are a total of 11 homework sets which cover the material from Chap. 16-24.  The last homwork set is due on Monday July 29.

To provide a measure of forgiveness for illnesses and possible network problems, 10% of the on-line homework grades will be dropped in evaluating your final grade. See the overall grade formula (PDF).