PHY 2054 - Physics II - Summer C 2014


Date Announcement
July 15
Exam 2 and updated HW and HITT grades have been posted.
The average for Exam 2 was 9.01 out of 15. There were 2 people who got a perfect score.
The score on E-learning is out of 20. I got this number from X/15*20, where X is the X is how many correct answers you got on the exam 2.
If you want to discuss your grade please send me an email to schedule a meeting, I will not discuss grades during my office hours.
June 16
Estimated HITT Points have been posted. Please remember this is an estimate, so your score can go up or down during the semester.
I had 6 clickers that were not linked to anybody. Please use the following link to register your clicker.
Quiz scores will be posted once Berik comes back and grades his sections quizzes.
June 9
Several people have emailed me about HITT points. I'm learning how to use the program that links clickers to people's UFID. I should have those points posted by the end of this week.
I will be in my office this week to discuss Exam 1 with anybody who wishes. Please email me and we can set up a time and date.
Once I finished making the videos for each problem from the exam I will post them all on E-learning, expect them sometime this afternoon.
June 6
I just posted the Exam 1 and HW grades.
The average for Exam 1 was 8.46 out of 15. There were 2 people who got a perfect score. I added an extra point to everybody's score to make the average 9.46 out of 15.
The score on E-learning is out of 20. I got this number from (X+1)/15*20, where X is the how many correct answers you got on the exam.
The HW grade is an estimate. Y/(.9*Total)*10 where Y is the points you got from HW1+2 and Total is the total points from HW1+2.
When I get the quiz scores I will upload those. If you have any questions please email me.
June 5
I just uploaded the answers to Exam 1 on E-learning. I will be posting your scores to the exam tomorrow, depending on when I'm given the scores.
I will be posting a video solution to each problem on either Sunday or Monday.
If you have any questions you can email me.
June 5
I will post the answers to Exam 1 tonight on E-learning. I believe I will get the scantrons back tomorrow so expect to have your scores either on Friday or Saturday.
If you have any questions about the exam you can email me. Have a good weekend.
Remember that HW4 is due on Monday night.
May 28
The first exam is next week on Thursday, in class. I will be posting either tonight or tomorrow what the 15 problems will be based on to help your studying. Your focus should be in the order of previous exams,homework problems, concepts, and if you have time more problems from the back of each chapter.

The exam will be 15 questions in 75 minutes. This means about 5 minutes per problem please keep this in mind when studying. Please come to class on time. If you come late you will not be given extra time.

If you have any other questions please email me or come to my office hours
May 24
Since Monday is Memorial Day, I'm extending HW2 assignment to Tuesday night. Enjoy your 3 day weekend.
May 19
HITT clicker points will begin tomorrow. Please register your clicker with the following website
Reminder: First Webassign HW assignment is due tonight, 11:59pm
May 16
Sorry about the site going offline last night, server issues. Please remember to complete Webassign by Monday 11:59pm. If there are any issues with logging in please send me an email.
May 12
E-learning and Webassign should be working for everybody. Please e-mail me if you have any issues.
May 13
The websites, consisting of this site, e-Learning and webassign are getting done.  If you see a mistake, please let me know.  The lecture notes are posted at "Resources" in eLearning.
May 13 Students with Disabilities: Students requesting classroom accommodation for disabilities must first register with the Dean of Students Office. That office will provide you with documentation that you will provide to the instructor at the beginning of the semester. Please print and fill out the Accommodated Test Request (ATR) Form, and return it to the Disability Resource Center (DCR) at least one week before the first exam. The Accommodated Testing Service (ATS) at DCR will administer all exams.
May 13 Lectures start Tuesday May 13 (summer period 4, 12:30PM) in Physics 1001. The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, and on-line homework due dates.
Discussion sections start Thursday May 15.
Quizzes begin in the discussion sections Thursday May 22.