PHY 2054 - Physics II - Summer C 2015


There will be 2 in-term exams and a cumulative final exam. The date and time for each exam, and the chapters it covers are listed on the Course Schedule. These exams will take place in the lecture classroom in the physics building, NPB 1001.

Exams are multiple choice with your answers bubbled in on Scantron sheets. Mark your answers carefully. What you mark will determine your score (independent of your having meant otherwise). To each in-term exam you may bring a single, hand-written, formula sheet on 8 x 11 inch paper (both sides may be filled out) and you should bring a calculator (calculators may not be shared), #2 pencils, an eraser and your picture ID (preferably your UFID). Scrap paper and Scantron sheets will be provided. To the final you may bring two of the previously described formula sheets.

Unless superseded by a valid excuse, a missed exam will result in a zero. Valid excuses are officially sanctioned UF events, medical excuses or family emergencies. Acceptable excuses will require a coach's, doctor's, or instructor's sanctioned note with a verifiable contact phone number. A valid excuse will allow you to take the cumulative make-up exam to replace the zero on the missed exam.

There will be one cumulative make-up exam (covering material from both exams) given at the end of the semester. The makeup exam date, time, and location will be announced later.  The grade on this make-up exam will replace the missed exam. None of the exam grades will be dropped.

Practice exams will be uploaded to the PHY2054 e-Learning Canvas site.

PHY2054 Exam Schedule
Date Exam Material Formula Sheets Time
Thursday, June 4th 1 Chap. 16-18 1 In Class
Thursday, July 9th 2 Chap. 19-22 1 In Class
Monday, Aug. 3rd Make-Up Chap. 16-25 2 NPB 1002 (7:00 - 8:15 pm)
Thursday, Aug. 6th Final Chap. 16-25 2 In Class