PHY 2054 - Physics II - Summer C 2015


Date Announcement
August 8 Final exam scores and overall class grades have been reposted to Canvas. After the correction to the final exam, the average and standard deviation are 9.43 +/- 2.48. The original curve to the grade scale of one point lower for all cutoffs still remains.
August 7 An error has been found in the final exam and they are currently being regraded. The final exam and total points sections have been removed from Canvas until all the grades are recalculated.
August 7 Final exam grades have been posted to Canvas, the average and standard deviation were 8.63 +/- 2.54.

Curved quiz grades have also been posted to Canvas. The quiz grades were curved so that on each quiz, each TA's average was the same (highest average was chosen as target average). With the curve it is possible to get over 40 points for all quizzes, but the 20% cap still applies for the quiz contribution to the overall score.

Overall percentage has been posted to Canvas under the Total Points assignment. You can check it against the grade scale to see what letter grade you received. The final curve in the course was 1 point down (i.e. A cutoff went from 85 to 84, A- from 80 to 79, etc).
July 27 Homework 10 has been posted. It is due Tuesday, August 4th by 11pm.
July 23 H-ITT points have been uploaded to Canvas. There are four unclaimed remote IDs:
625699, 641675, 670292, 697599
If one of these is yours, please register it and email me to claim it.

An Excel spreadsheet has been uploaded to the Files section on Canvas that can be used to compute your grade based on the weights described in the Grades section of this website.
July 20 Homework 9 has been posted. It is due Monday, July 27th by 11pm.

The comprehensive make-up exam that can be taken if you missed an exam has been scheduled. It will be held on the evening of August 3rd, in NPB 1002 from 7:00 to 8:15 pm.
July 17 Detailed solutions for Exam 2 have been posted to the Files section of Canvas.
July 13 Homework 8 has been posted. It is due Monday, July 20th by 11pm.

Grades for Exam 2 have been posted to Canvas. A version of the exam with all correct answers as the first choice has also been posted, along with a histogram of the scores. Detailed solutions will be posted later this week. The average and standard deviation was 9.77 +/- 2.37.
July 2 Exam 2 is being moved to Thursday, July 9th. Lecture on Tuesday, July 7th, will be a review of the chapter 19-22 material. Office hours for next week will be updated soon.

If this rescheduling has created a conflict for you, contact me (even if you talked to me in class, email me to confirm).
June 30 Discussions sections for Thursday (July 2nd) are canceled since the university is observing Independence Day on Friday, July 3rd (and is canceling classes on that day).

Office hours for Monday / Tuesday morning of next week will be announced in lecture on Thursday, July 2nd.
June 29 Homework 7 has been posted. It is due Monday, July 6th by 11pm.
June 15 Homework 6 has been posted. It is due Monday, June 29th by 11pm, after summer break rather than on the first day of summer break, as it was originally scheduled.
June 9 Homework 5 has been posted. It is due Monday, June 15th by 11pm.

Exam 1 grades have been uploaded to Canvas. The average on the exam is 9.22 out of 15 and the standard deviation is 2.51.
June 2 Homework 4 has been posted. It is due Monday, June 8th by 11pm.

Period 3 office hours today have been canceled. Instead, I will be holding a two period office hour tomorrow, Wednesday June 3rd, during periods 3 and 4. Going forward, my Tuesday office hour is moved to Wednesday, period 3.
May 26 Homework 3 has been posted. It is due Monday, June 1st by 11pm.

The homework policies have changed in light of the fact that Connect sometimes improperly rounds their answer to too few sig figs, causing precise calculations to be graded wrong. Please check the homework page for details about the changes.
May 19 Homework 2 has been posted. It is due Monday, May 25th by 11pm.

H-ITT questions will begin counting for credit on Thursday, May 21. Make sure you are registered and know how to setup your remote so that your responses are recorded.
May 12 Today's lecture notes have posted on Canvas. The calendar on Canvas has been filled out with HW and Quiz due dates and exam dates.

Minor adjustments to HW 8 and 9 due dates (moved up two days to conform to other homeworks and ensure they're due before their respective quizzes).

Register and bring your H-ITT clicker on Thursday for some practice questions.
May 11
(1:30 pm)
The Canvas course page has been published and the online homework from Connect paired with the Canvas page. Please see the Homework page for details about how to register for the online homework and access it through Canvas.
May 11 Lectures start Tuesday, May 12 (summer period 4, 12:30PM - 1:45PM) in New Physics Building (NPB) 1001. The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, and online homework due dates.

Online homework and the Canvas course page will be available soon. An announcment will be posted when everything is setup and ready.

Discussion sections start Thursday May 14.

Quizzes begin in the discussion sections Tuesday, May 19 for TR sections and Wednesday, May 20 for WF sections. See the Quizzes page for the entire quiz schedule.

Students with Disabilities: Students requesting classroom accommodation for disabilities must first register with the Dean of Students Office. That office will provide you with documentation that you will provide to the instructor at the beginning of the semester. Please print and fill out the Accommodated Test Request (ATR) Form, and return it to the Disability Resource Center (DCR) at least one week before the first exam. The Accommodated Testing Service (ATS) at DCR will administer all exams.