PHY 2054 - Physics II - Summer C 2016

DISCUSSION SECTION QUIZZES (discussion sections start on Thursday-Friday, May 12-13, 2016 (first week of classes) and quizzes start on Thursday-Friday, May 19-20, 2016 (second week of classes))

A quiz will be administered during approximately half of your discussion section meetings (10 total quizzes). The quizzes will test how well you learned the concepts and methods of the assigned homework problems.

Content of discussion-quizzes

The quiz will be on the symbolic solutions to the homework problems you obtain in your Homework Notebook.

No crib-sheets for the quizzes

You are expected to learn how to do the homework problems on your own without any notes or other help (i.e. there are no forumula sheets for the quizzes!). In doing the online homework you can get help in discussion section, office hours, from tutors and from other students. However, in the end you must learn the methods needed to do the problems on your own.

Quizzes are your opportunity for human feedback

Quizzes are the only component of your grade where you get the chance to have human feedback on your problem-solving process. Pay close attention to the red-inked-feedback of your discussion-section leader, and use their critique to diagnose your weaknesses in problem-solving. It is possible to do well on the McGraw-Hill/Connect homework without keeping a Homework Notebook , and it is possible to similarly do well on the multiple-choice lecture-tests, since each are electronically graded. Since discussion section quizzes are free-response and human-graded, if you do poorly on them, consider this to be indicative of serious deficits in your problem-solving ability. The quizzes can give partial credit. If you start the problem correctly but make an algebraic mistake in the middle of working it you will get some or even most of the credit for the problem.

Making up quizzes

You will be allowed to make-up a maximum of two missed quizzes provided that you have a valid documented excuse (e.g. medical note, obituary, email from authenticated 3rd party, plane-ticket, etc.). You will have to take the make-up quiz within 2 weeks of your missed quiz. There will be no make-up quizzes after Friday, August 5th, 2016. Please make sure you have discussed  any issue with the quizzes with your Discussion TA.

Procedure for making up quizzes

To make up a quiz, schedule a make-up quiz with your discussion TA (usually by email). Send your (1) name, (2) day that class meets (e.g., “TR period 5”), (3) which number quiz you are making up (very important), (4) which time you intend to make up the quiz, (5) the date of your make up, which must not be more than 2 weeks after the quiz to be made up is issued (6) A maximum of two (2) make-up quizzes will be allowed. (7) Documented justification for missing the quiz (a doctor’s note, obituary, etc.); an email of a photograph. No non-written reasons for missing a quiz will be accepted. (There will be no exceptions to these fifth, sixth, and seventh items #(5), #(6), #(7)).

Make-up exam

Exams 1, 2, and 3 (E1, E2, and E3 in the Schedule below) can be made up by taking the make-up-exam (MUE in the schedule below). This exam shall be cumulative, and entirely dissimilar to E1, E2, E3, and E4. The final exam cannot be made up in this manner.

The 0.9 forgiveness factor

To provide a measure of forgiveness for possible missed quizzes, your final quiz average will be divided by the number 0.9.

Normalizing all instructor averages to the highest

Quiz grades shall be normalized to whichever discussion section has the highest average to eliminate subjectivity in grading style and quiz-design, meaning that "I had a hard TA" is not an reason for scoring poorly in this course.

Abbreviated quiz schedule

Quizzes will be given on either Thursday or Friday of the specified week, depending on which section you are in.

PHY2054 Quiz Schedule
Week Quiz Quiz Dates Quiz material
0 05/12-05-13 No Quiz
1 1 05/19-05-20 Homework 1
2 2 05/26-05-27 Homework 2
3 3,E1 06/02-06-03 Homework 3
4 4 06/09-06-10 Homework 4
5 5 06/16-06-17 Homework 5
bye n/a 06/23-06-24 summer break :)
6 6,E2 06/30-07-01 Homework 6
7 7 07/07-07/08 Homework 7
8 8 07/14-07/15 Homework 8
9 9,E3 07/21-07/22 Homework 9
10 10,MUE 07/28-07/29 Homework 10
11 E4 08/04-08/05 review/catch-up