PHY 2060 - Enriched Physics 1 - FALL 2014

Periods 4 & 5

INSTRUCTOR:  G. R. Stewart, NPB2132, 352 392 9263,

OFFICE HOURS:  MW period 7, NPB 2132, and by appointment.

Syllabus (<-- read this!)

Link to Elearning Sakai here 

Sakai has the homework due each Tuesday in the 'Announcements', as well as eventually tests and your Test grades

News:  For the Thursday Aug. 28 lecture, there is a taped lecture under 'Announcements' at Elearning Sakai as announced in class.  You'll need to sign in using your gatorlink ID and password.

Useful Stuff:   Here is a preliminary final exam formula sheet (click here)

You should know:  The final (in our normal classroom Tuesday, Dec. 16, 3-5 pm) will be cumulative.

If you are considering a switch from phy2060 to phy2048, the sooner that you make the change the easier the change will be.

Here are some things to consider:

If most of the answers to these questions are "yes" then you should give some careful consideration to changing to phy2048.

If you decide to transfer to phy2048, please see an undergraduate advisor (they are listed at the bottom of the webpage at: as soon as is convenient.

The first test in phy2048 is scheduled for the evening of September 26 and you must take this test if you transfer.