Apr 10
The last homework assignment (HW11) is Chpt. 20 Ex. 3, 5, 7, 13, 17, 23. It is due next Thursday April 17. There will not be a quiz on this material because on Tuesday April 22 there will be a "Make-up" exam that anyone can take. This exam is cummulative and may be substituted for one of the two midterm exams that we have had, but may not be substituted for the final. All grades to this point in the course have been uploaded to E-Learning. The grading scale is explained in the syllabus.
Mar 26
Homework assignment 10 is Chpt. 14: Exercises 10, 17, 25; and Chpt. 17 Exercies 7,13, 22, 31 and Problem 11. These solutions to this homework are already posted so that you can study for the exam. (It will not be collected.)
Mar 21
Homework assignment 9 is Chpt. 12: Exercises 23, 29; Problems 3, 5, 8 and Chpt. 13: Exercise 12; Problems 2, 6. There will be a quiz on HW8 on Thursday.
Mar 14
Homework assignment 8 is Chpt. 11: Exercise 36; Problems 3, 12, 20, 23, 32.
Feb 27
Homework assignment 7 is Chpt. 9: Exercises 30, 32, 38, Problems 22, 23 and Chpt. 10: Exercise 20, Problems 7, 11. These are due on the Thursday after Spring break. There will also be a quiz on Homework 6 on that Thursday.
Feb 20
Homework assignment 6 is Chapter 8: Exercise 14, Problems 6, 10, Computer Problem 2 and Chapter 9: Exercises 4, 17, Problems 15, 17. You can do the computer problem on a graphing calculator if you wish. This assignment is due next Thursday. As announced in class, I will be giving an introduction to Matlab in the second half of class on Thursday. For the tutorial we will be going to a computer lab in the New Physics Building. You may also bring your own laptop. Some open source and free alternatives to Matlab are GNU Octave and FreeMat. There is also a student version of Matlab available at the campus bookstore in the Reitz Union.
Feb 6
Homework assignment 5 is Chapter 7: Exercise 10, 14; Problems 1, 4, 10, 11. Because the first exam is next Thursday in class (Feb. 13), I have posted the solution to this assignment on E-Learning so you will have it study from.
Jan 31
Homework assignment 4 is Chapter 6: Problems 8, 9, 13, 19, 21. It is due next Thursday Feb. 6. We will have a quiz on that Thursday on the previous assignment (HW3). This should allow me to have office hours and a help session after class on Tuesday.
Jan 23
Homework assignment 3 is Chapter 5: Problems 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 17, Computer Problem 2. It is due next Thursday. There will also be a quiz on this coming Tuesday on homework assignment 2. The quizzes will gradually get more challenging as we build up to the first exam. Finally, I have posted the first participation question to E-Learning. It is just to upload a recent picture of yourself so that I can start to learn your names. You can find the question under Assignments.
Jan 16
Homework assignment 2 is Chap. 4: E10, E16, E36, P10, P24, P26, Computer Problem 4. I will help with the computer problem in class on Tuesday. It is due Thursday Jan. 23 at the beginning of class. There will be a quiz next Tuesday on the first homework assignment. Solutions to homework assignments, quizzes and exams will be posted to E-Learning soon after the due date.
January 9
The first homework assigmnment is Chap. 2: E28, P16, P24 and Chap. 3: E26, P6, P10 . It is due next Thursday Jan. 16 at the beginning of class. The E-Learning web site is also up and running. For those of you still deciding if this course is right for you, I have posted copies of the first exam for Spring 2012 and for Spring 2013.
January 7
The E-Learning web site for this course will contain homework solutions to the assigned textbook problems and your grades. It will be live by the end of the week. Homework assignments and other information will be posted to this web site. The syllabus has a detailed schedule of what material is covered in each lecture and the dates of the exams.