PHY 3101 - Modern Physics - Fall 2018


Preliminary: We will add homework and bonus problems after the course is underway.

Advice: Homework is a rewarding activity for those who work at it. We encourage students to talk to one another about the problems, but you must enter the answers yourself. It is extremely important to work out how an answer was obtained, because that is the key for doing well on the quizzes and exams.

Important: All homework is due by 4PM on the date shown in Prof. Avery's mailbox in the Physics mail room (on the right of the Main Physics Office on the second floor). Do NOT put it under his office door. HW must be turned in before the mailroom closes (it is up to you to get the assignment in before the room closes because the grader is unable to get the homework in any other way).

Note the following points about the homework.
  • HW sheets must be stapled and will not be accepted if crimped together. Borrow a stapler if you need to.
  • PRINT your full name CLEARLY at the top of each sheet. Put your UFID next to your name on the first page.
  • START each problem at the TOP of a new page for readability. Use good penmanship and be clear about where your answer is. The grader has a busy schedule and doesn't have time to spend on messy homework.
Homework Due date
HW 1 (modified) Sep. 5 (W)
Bonus 1 (available) Sep. 12 (W)
HW 2 (available) Sep. 10 (M)
HW 3 (available) Sep. 17 (M)
HW 4 (available) Sep. 24 (M)
Bonus 2 (available) Sep. 27 (R)
HW 5 (available) Oct. 10 (W) Modified due date
HW 6 (available) Oct. 17 (W)
Bonus 3 (available) Oct. 23 (T)
HW 7 (available) Oct. 24 (W)
HW 8 (available) Oct. 31 (W)
HW 9 (available) Nov. 19 (M)
HW 10 (available) Nov. 28 (W)
Bonus 4 (available) Nov. 30 (F)
HW 11 (available) Updated! Dec. 5 (W)
Bonus 5 (available) Dec. 7 (F)