PHY 3101 - Modern Physics - Fall 2018

Sympy Installation, tutorials and resources

Sympy is another good candidate for a computer algebra system (CAS). It written entirely in Python so after installation it is very easy to use.

Download and install Install using a python distribution: The best method is to use a completely configured distribution such as Anaconda, described above.

Manual install: Downloading and installing sympy can be a more complex process than what an average student should have to deal with. One of us (Avery) uses the "pip install" command on a Mac terminal to install and upgrade python packages.

After you download and install sympy on your system, you use it by starting python and invoking the python import command, as in the tutorials below.
Official tutorial Basic tutorial on sympy's capabilities.
avery tutorial 1
(pdf output)
Basic sympy, including syntax, exact and floating point math, basic expressions using polynomial, exponential and trig functions, factoring and expanding numbers and algebraic expressions, defining expressions and functions, substitution, trigonometric evaluation.
avery tutorial 2
(pdf output)
Calculus: Derivatives, definite and indefinite integrals, taylor series, sums, etc.
More tutorials to be added Need a tutorial where plotting is used. For that you will need matplotlib.