PHY 3101 - Modern Physics - Fall 2019


Oct. 11 Bonus problem 2 due date has been delayed until Oct. 16 (Wed).

Oct. 5 Exam 1 solution was posted on Canvas under Files-->Exam materials.

Bonus problem 2 (programming problem) is now available. This is a great problem involving the solution of an important equation numerically because no other method exists. The method employed here, Newton-Raphson, can be used for a wide variety of problems. Please see Prof. Avery for help getting started.

Bonus 1 scores were uploaded to Canvas. You can pick them up on Monday, Oct. 7.

Oct. 3 HITT points were uploaded today.

Sep. 21 Exam 1 will take place Oct. 2 from 8:20 - 10:20.
Room assignments are by last name: FLG 210 (A-J) and FLG 220 (K-Z).
Constants and a practice exam are posted under FIles-->Exam Materials.

Sep. 20 global warming talk is posted on the Physics/reference links page.

Sep. 15 HW2 grades were posted Sunday. Solutions were posted Friday and updated Sunday.

Sep. 11 HW3 was posted on the Homework page around 6:00pm. Bonus problem 1 was posted in the mid-afternoon.

Sep. 7 HW1 solution was posted early this afternoon on Canvas under Files --> HW solutions.

Grader office hours: We have posted office hours for our grader, Farshad Kamalinejad, on the overview page.

Sep. 6 HW and Schedule adjustments: Because we lost a lecture on account of Hurricane Dorian, we have moved the default HW due dates from Wednesday to Friday (except as noted on the schedule) and adjusted the schedule to push lecture topics later by one class day. Please see the updated HW and schedule pages.

Aug. 21 Welcome to PHY3101! Please note the following points.
  • Read the Course overview page, which describes important aspects of the course, including lecture location/time, material covered, textbook, grading components, how we use e-Learning, test accommodations, etc.
  • Read the Programming page to learn about the programming tools you will learn in this course.
  • We will use HITT clickers as we did in Physics 1 and Physics 2. Please purchase a clicker if you do not have one already. You will need to register the clicker for this course as described on the HITT page.
  • The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, and homework due dates.
  • Please read Chapter 1. We have also placed some introductory materials on e-Learning under "Files-->Lecture materials". We also put the indivifual chapters of a free Modern Physics textbook under Files-->OpenStax reference.
  • EMAIL (IMPORTANT!): Please do not use Canvas mail in e-Learning to send us email. Email should be addressed only to phy3101 AT and not to our home accounts. We keep class correspondence in a single area that both of us can read and respond to.

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