PHY3840L/6905 Building Scientific Equipment - Fall 2015

Instructor: Yoonseok Lee, in collaboration with staff members of the Physics Machine Shop (Ed Storch,  Bill Malphurs, and Marc Link) .

Office: 2233 NPB; Phone: 392-6689; email: ysl at

Meeting time: Wednesdays periods 2 - 3 (8:30 am - 10:25 am) or 4 - 5 (10:40 - 12:35 pm) NPB B003 (Student Shop)

Office hours: By  appointment

Prerequisites: Juniors and seniors who have taken introductory physics courses and are majoring in physics, physics graduate students, and those approved by the instructor.


This is a hands-on introductory course on machining, with an emphasis on lathing and milling. Having completed this course, students will be allowed to use the Student Shop with a consent of their research advisors or faculty members for whom they work.


The first class will be on September 2 (no class on Aug 26).  You must read the  Shop Safety section before the first class.  Please come to NPB B003 (Student Shop) for the session you registered.  If you are not sure which session you are in, please email me.  We will give make-up sessions to finish your term projects, if necessary.