PHY3840L/6905 Building Scientific Equipment - Fall 2016


It is expected that students participate in all sessions and obey all the safety rules.  No student can work alone in the shop without presence of her/his partner or a shop staff member.  Each student should finish two projects specified in the class.

Attendance     Students should participate in all sessions.  Students should  inform her/his partner and the instructor in advance or in a timely manner for her/his absence.  More than two weeks of absesnce without excuses will result in E grade in the class.

Project    Students will work on two projects in the class.  The final grade will be given based on the projects.  Although  two students work as a team,  each student should submit the projects individually. 

Milling Mcahine Project   Machine Drawing   

Lathe Project   Machine Drawing   

Safety    Students who violate the safety rules repeatedly will be removed from the workshop and the class. 

COUNSELING and MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES: Student facing difficulties completing the course or in need of counseling should call the on-campus Counseling and Wellness Center at (352) 392 1575.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: Each student is expected to hold himself/herself to a high standard of academic honesty. Under the UF academic honesty policy, unauthorized assistance or the use of unauthorized resources is strictly forbidden on work-for-credit. Although discussions among the students are highly encouraged, you are to work alone on all homework assignments unless specified differently. Fabrication or falsification of excuses or related documentation is also a violation of the UF academic honesty policy.  Violations of this policy will be dealt with severely. There will be no warnings or exceptions.

ONLINE COURSE EVALUATION: Students are expected to participate in course/instructor evaluations.  These evaluations are conducted online typically during the last 3 weeks of the semester.  Summary results of these assessments are available.

Updated: 7/14/2015