PHY4222 Mechanics 2 - Spring 2013

Grade prediction

Step1: If you have turned in HW6, raise its score by 20 points.

Step2: Multiply your score for HW7 by 8/7.

Step3: Guess your score, out of 70, for HW8 and multiply it by 8/7.

Step4: Add six highest homework scores, in which the scores for the last three homeworks are the modified ones obtained in Steps 1 through 2,. Call the sum H.

Step5: Compute S=H/24+(Sum of three Exam scores)*8/9.

S value Predicted grade
75 and higher A, A-
55 and higher B+,B,B-
40 and higher C+,C,C-
less than 40 D+ or lower

To obtain a better grade than predicted, make sure to turn in HW8 and start preparing for the final exam early.