Bonus Points for ALC Quiz - PHY 4604 - Fall 2017

The ALC (Academic Learning Compact) quiz on the last day of classes is required, but the score you get counts as bonus points on the quiz component of your grade. You can not get over 100% on the quiz compoenent of the grade.

The ALC quiz has 15 multiple choice questions and covers all the topics that we have done in this course. The questions do not involve much if any calculation because there are 15 questions in under an hour.

Bonus 1:If you get over 50% on the quiz (at least 8 out of 15), I will add two points to your quiz score. Based on past experience, almost everyone who takes this quiz seriously will get over 50% on it. Also, based on past experience, very few of you will get 100% on the ALC quiz, although many will get close.

Bonus 2:The ALC quiz scaled to be out of 10 like your other quizes (ALC quiz score/1.5) may be substituted for one of your other quizzes to improve your overall quiz score. Thus, if you received a low quiz score earlier in the semester, the ALC quiz will improve your overall quiz grade.