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Presentation Schedule

12/10/14 5:10pm
Newman-Penrose spinor formalism
Sankha Chakrabarty
12/10/14 5:35pm
Theory and detection of primordial gravitational waves
Mackenzie W Turvey

12/11/14 9:30am
Post-Newtonian Theory
Yaqi Han
12/11/14 9:55am
Black hole thermodynamics
Dipsikha Debnath
12/11/14 10:20am
Spinning black hole mergers
Andrew Chilton
12/11/14 10:45am
12/11/14 11:00am
Cosmology: Role of gravitation in large scale structure
Changlong Wang
12/11/14 11:25am
Gravitational waves - sources and rates for LISA
Luyi Yan
12/11/14 11:50am
Gravitational waves - sources and rates for LIGO
Zach Bush
12/11/14 12:15pm
12/11/14 2:00pm
The inflationary theory of primordial cosmological perturbations
Dustin A Tracy
12/11/14 2:25pm
Black hole perturbations
Bobby Bond
12/11/14 2:50pm
Black hole stability: theory and results
Peisen Ma
12/11/14 3:15pm
12/11/14 3:30pm
Holographic theory on the cosmological scale - viability, constraints and implications
Songge Sun

12/12/14 9:30am
Initial value formulation
Danny Brooker
12/12/14 9:55am
Conserved quantities in general relativity
Alexander Weaver
12/12/14 10:20am
Hamiltonian formulation of general relativity
Spencer Rosenfeld
12/10/10 10:45am
12/12/14 11:00am
Cosmology: Big bang nucleosynthesis
Elisa Maria Todarello
12/12/14 11:25am
Holographic theory, and emergent gravity as an entropic force
Nicole Crisosto
12/12/14 11:50am
Bound states in the radiation continuum
Joseph Park