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Class Diary for fall 2017

Aug. 21 Introduction
Aug. 23 MS Ch.1.1-1.2, spin, Weyl's equations, antiparticles, helicity

discovery of "positive electron" || further reading
Aug. 25 MS Ch.1.3-1.5,
Aug. 28 MS Ch.2.1-2.2, leptons, lepton universality, neutrinos and their detection,
Aug. 30 (quiz is possible) MS Ch.2.3, Solar neutrinos, solar neutrino experiments
Sep. 1 HW1, neutrino masses and mixing, PMNS matrix
Sep. 4 no class, Labor day
Sep. 6 neutrino oscillation experiments, SNO, atmospheric and beam experiments
Sep. 8 Hurricane Irma, no class
Sep. 11 Hurricane Irma, no class
Sep. 13 Hurricane Irma, no class
Sep. 15 HW1 due, Quioz 2, Nuclear reactor neutrino experiments, measurement of PMNS matrix, neutrino mass hierarchy
Sep. 18 MS Chapter 3: Quarks and hadrons, simple quark model
Sep. 20 MS Chapter 3: observed particles, s,c,b quarks, resonances
Sep. 22 symmetries, conservation laws, parity, charge conjugation
Sep. 25 HW2, quark model: isospin symmetry, u,d mass splitting
Sep. 27 Light mesons and barions, magnetic moments, hadron mass splitting
Sep. 29 Light hadrons, magnetic moments, hadron mass splitting
Oct. 2 Color, color symmetry
Oct. 4 MS Ch.7, QCD, jets and gluons, asimptotic freedom
Oct. 6 no class, UF homecoming
Oct. 9 HW2 due. Jets, e+e- colliders, total x-section (R). MS Ch.8: Quarks and partons: elastic scattering
Oct. 11 Midterm Exam
Oct. 13 MS Ch.8:Inelastic scattering, Bjorken scaling, the parton model, sructure functions
Oct. 16 DIS handout, MS Ch.8: valence and sea quarks, inelatic neutrino scattering, proton-proton collisions, LHC, current and constituent quarks
Oct. 18 MS 9, Weak interactions, Lepton-quark symmetry and mixing, Cabibbo angle
Oct. 20 b-quark, t-quark, CKM matrix, top decays
Oct. 23 CDF experiment, top, b-tagging
Oct. 25 HW3. MS Chapter 10: Electroweak unification
Oct. 27 SLC and LEP,electroweak reactions, number of neutrinos.
Oct. 30 Gauge invariance, color (SU(3)) and flavor (SU(2) symmetry
Nov. 1 Higgs handout, Symmetry breaking
Nov. 3 EW unification, Particle masses and Higgs field
Nov. 6 Instructor Prof. Mitselmakher: CMS-Atlas handout, LHC experiments: CMS, Atlas, main results, current status and plans
Nov. 8 Parity, and charge conjugation violations, Wu experiment
Nov. 10 no class, Veterans day
Nov. 13 CPviolation handout, HW3 due, Lederman (C-violation) and Goldhaber (helicity of neutrino) experiments
Nov. 15 HW4. CP violation in early universe. Sakharov conditions. The Neutral Kaon system. Kaon decays to pions.
Nov. 17 Strangeness oscillations. Kaon decays to leptons. CPLEAR experiment. Mass difference of KL and KS. Discovery of CP violation
Nov. 20 CP violation by mixing and direct. CP violation for B-mesons. B-factories, BaBar and Belle experiments
Nov. 22,24 no class, Thanksgiving
Nov. 27 Particle-antiparticle mixing formula. CKM matrix and CP violation in standard model
Nov. 29 BSM handout 1, Grand Unification, Georgi-Glashow model. Proton decay.
Dec. 1 BSM DM handout 2, Dark Matter experiments, WIMPs, axions. Dirac-Majorana neutrinos, double beta decay.
Dec. 4 Final Exam (talks), 5:10pm-7:10pm, 1200
Dec. 5 Final Exam (talks), 11am-1pm, place TBD
Dec. 6 no class, SK out of town