Jumping Rings

This experiment uses a coil of wire carrying 120 VAC power with a solid iron core inside the coil. When power is applied through a momentary switch a large magnetic field is created that creates eddy currents inside aluminum rings placed over the iron core. The red aluminum ring is repelled off of the core and flies up in the air. The green ring is also made from aluminum but it will not "jump" off because the ring is cut thus preventing large eddy currents from building. The yellow ring is made of stainless steel and due to it's poor conductivity it also will not jump. The large ring is also aluminum and will jump, it's there because its heavy like the stainless steel ring and counters anyone who claims the stainless ring won't jumpdue to its weight.

Pira DCS # 5K20.30

Iron Metal Core   Aluminum Rings   Steel Ring