1) Audiovisual Equipment

a) Film Loops (8 mm)

I) Mechanics

II) Electromagnetism III) Waves IV) Nuclear Physics V) Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gasses
  b) 16mm Films Feynman Lectures c) Videotapes

Physics of Space Flight Series

Part 1: Accelerations machines: Launching a Space Vehicle


Part 2: Physics in Space: Orbital motion and Re-entry


Part 3: Gravity: A Broadened View Contents: Physics Demonstrations in Mechanics
  • Part 1:
  • Part 2: Dr. Ballard on Holograms

    Experiments in Space:

    The Mechanical Universe Series by PBS: This is an excellent series produced by Public Broadcasting, JPL lab and the California Institute of Technology. Each one of these 52 films is 30 minutes long so they require almost an entire class period to show the whole thing, however you may also cue up the video and show only the part you desire.

    D) Laserdiscs
         1) Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations (600 2-5 minute videos of experiments)
              These discs are very easy to use in class, generally contain quite good information and are easy for the students to understand.
        2) Tacoma Narrows Bridge
         3) 250 Films of Physics Cinema Classics
              These discs can be difficult to use in class but the information they contain is good.
                  Cinema Classics DISC 1       Cinema Classics DISC 2
                  Cinema Classics DISC 3

    e) Audiovisual Equipment

    F) Software