1) Audiovisual Equipment

    a) Filmloops
    b) 16mm Films
    c) Videotapes
    d) Laserdiscs
    e) Audiovisual Equipment
    f) Software

2) Mechanics

    a) Basic Mechanics
    b) Rotational Motion and Torque
    c) Energy and Simple Harmonic
    d) Momentum

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3) Pressure, Fluids, and Gas Law

    a) Pressure and Gas Law
    b) Fluids

4) Thermal Properties

    a) Heat Capacity, Specific Heat, and
        Latent Heat
    b) Liquid Nitrogen
    c) Thermodynamics
    d) Conduction, Convection, and
    e) Thermocouples
    f) Thermal Expansion
    g) Engines

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5) Waves

    a) Mechanical
    b) Electromagnetic

6) Sound

    a) Doppler Effect
    b) Interference
    c) Resonance and Standing Waves
    d) Instruments
    e) Others

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7) Light

    a) General
    b) Geometrical Optics
    c) Interference and Diffraction
    d) Holography and Lasers
    e) Light Sources
    f) Colors

8) Electrostatics

    a) Electric Generators
    b) General

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9) Electrical Devices

    a) AC-Devices
    b) DC-Devices
    c) Meters
    d) Other

10) Magnetism

    a) General Magnets
    b) Magnetic Forces
    c) Lenz's Law and Eddy Currents

11) Nuclear Physics

    a) Radioactivity
    b) Gas Tubes
    c) Atomic Models

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