This site shows photographs and descriptions of the experiments used to teach undergraduate physics classes. Select a category from the left and then select an experiment from above and you will see a picture of the equipment. Some experiments may also be attached to a computer using a Pasco Science Workshop data acquistion system allowing real time data plotting in the classroom. Many of these experiments require an extended setup/preparation time so please inform us as soon as possible which experiments you require.  Not all experiments listed in the original book (see below) will be photographed for the list below so if you are interested in something more obscure then refer to the original text. You may also view the experiments from the Master Experiment List and see them all listed at one time.

Master Experiment List in text format.
Master Experiment Video List of many of the UF Physics Demonstrations.

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  The following links provide different versions of the original full demonstrations manual that I once distributed as a book.

     The following links provide downloadable "PowerPoint" presentations that simulate the software that operates the multimedia system. You may download a stand alone version that is an executable file for Windows '95 machines or the basic PowerPoint presentation code that could be adapted to other platforms. This simulation software is designed to familiarize you with the teaching podium used to operate the multimedia system. Just use your mouse to follow the menus through the multimedia system.

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