Office: 2035 NPB

Lab: 1038 NPB

Darin Acosta



Phd University of California, San Diego (1993)

Research Group

Institute for High Energy Physics and Astrophysics

Research Interest

Interests include searching for signs of new physics in high-energy hadron collisions at the CDF experiment, such as leptoquarks and supersymmetric particles. Additionally, my group is designing a sophisticated electronic processor that identifies muons in the CMS experiment presently under construction.

Select Publications

Acosta DE and Blessing SK. "Leptoquark Searches at HERA and the Tevatron." Annual Reviews of Nuclear and Particle Science. 49; 1999: 389.

Breitweg, J et al., (ZEUS Collaboration). "A Search for Excited Fermions in e+p Collisions at HERA." Zeitschrift fur Physik. c76; 1997: 631.

Breitweg, J et al., (ZEUS Collaboration). "Comparison of ZEUS Data with Standard Model Predictions for e+ p/> e+ X Scattering at High x and Q2." Zeitschrift fur Physik. c74; 1997: 207.