Jonathan Tan

Affiliate Associate Professor


PhD 2001, University of California Berkeley

Research Group

Department of Astronomy

Research Interest

My research is focused on the origin of stellar systems, ranging from the first stars and galaxies to local star clusters and massive stars, such as in the Orion Nebula. I am also interested in the physics of the interstellar medium, accretion disks, supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and active galactic nuclei.

Select Publications

Dark Matter Annihilation and Primordial Star Formation A Natarajan, J C Tan, and B W O'Shea, ApJ 692, 574 (2009)

Slow Star Formation in Dense Gas: Evidence and Implications M R Krumholtz and J C Tan, ApJ, 654, 304 (2007)

Supermassive Stars in Quasar Disks J Goodman, and J C Tan, ApJ 608, 108 (2004)

The Formation of Massive Stars from Turbulent Cores C F McKee, and J C Tan, ApJ, 585, 850 (2003)

Massive star formation in 100,000 years from turbulent and pressurized molecular clouds C F McKee, and J C Tan, Nature, 416, 59 (2002)