Female Physics Forum at the University of Florida

curie_marie_b2.jpgWelcome to the FPForum at the University of Florida!

Our goal is to bring together women studying and working in physics, to provide support and a positive environment in which we can learn more about physics, and to discuss topics concerning women in science.

We meet regularly and most of the time we have an invited guest speaker: a female professor either from abroad, or from a UF science department. After giving a short introduction to her person and research, the undergraduate, graduate students and postdocs are free to ask her any questions related to being a women in science: from how she decided to pursue a career in science, to how she balances work and a family life and much more. All these women have interesting stories to tell. They provide excellent role models for aspiring female physicists. Our meetings are very informal, and we provide food and drinks.

We are have also initiated a small-group mentoring program, in which one or two undergraduate students are paired with a graduate student, and meet regularly for lunch (at least once a month).

For more information on who are we, on how you can join and participate in our activities, on past and future meetings, on the metoring program and on other helpful resources for women in physics, please visit the links provided at the left.

Upcoming Events :

Come and meet with Dr. Kara Hoffman , University of Maryland, MD.
Nov. 15, 2012, 12 noon, NPB 2205, FPF sponsored lunch.

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