Female Physics Forum at the University of Florida

Our mentoring program is an informative and fun way for undergraduate and graduate students to regularly meet and discuss issues not only related to being a female scientist, but also to being a student at the University of Florida. The graduate students can give a true and unique perspective on the experience they had as a physics major, about opportunities for undergrads at UF to get involved in research and work with professors and on how to take advantage of other resources that UF provides.

One or two undergraduate students are paired with a graduate student, and they go out for lunch once a month. The current program is funded to run until May 2007.

If you are an undergraduate woman in physics and are interested in seeking a mentor, or if you are a graduate student, and are willing to be a mentor, please contact Katia Matcheva.

You can find application forms for mentors and mentees here, along with general guidelines for mentors:

application form for mentors

application form for mentees

guidelines for mentors

Please fill them out and return them to Katia Matcheva.