Female Physics Forum at the University of Florida

Faculty members:

Dr. Katia Matcheva
Katia Matcheva joined the Physics Department in January 2005. Katia's research is focused on planetary physics, especially on the physics and chemistry of the atmospheres of Solar system planets. She offers office hours for young women in physics and is very enthusiastic about the mentoring program. Katia has two boys, a 7 and a 4-year old.

Office: NPB 2073
Office hours for female students: Thursdays, 10-11 am
email: katia@phys.ufl.edu

Dr. Aneta Petkova
Ani Petkova joined the Physics Department in August 2005. Ani's research is in the area of experimental biophysics, and she will be using solid state NMR to study the structure and folding of amyloid and membrane peptides. Ani is a very active member of our organization and coordinates all the different activities. She also welcomes female students to her special office hours. Ani has an adorable three-year old Australian Shepherd.

Office: NPB 2259
Office hours for female students: Mondays, 3-4 pm
email: petkova@phys.ufl.edu

Dr. Hai-Ping Cheng
Hai-Ping joined the Physics Department in September 1994. Her research focuses on physical phenomena and processes at nano-scale; She collaborates with other physicists, chemists, materials scientist, and biologists nationally and internationally; She is a fellow of the American Physical Society. Her hobbies include traveling, hiking, dinning/winning, and cooking.

Office: NPB 2330
Office hours for female students: Stop by when I am not in meetings or classes, or make an appointment via email.
email: cheng@qtp.ufl.edu

Dr. Heather Ray
Heather Ray joined the Physics Department in August, 2007. Her research is in the area of Experimental High Energy Particle Physics. As a graduate student Heather worked on the CDF experiment, performing a measurement of the top quark production cross section. For the past 4 years Heather has been specializing in Neutrino Physics. She is currently working on the MiniBooNE oscillation experiment, and on a proposal for a new experiment to be located at Oak Ridge.

Office: NPB 2237
Office hours for female students: Stop by or by email appointment.
email: drhray@phys.ufl.edu