Feb 14, 2007: Linda Bartoshuk; Member, National Academy of Sciences and
University of Florida
Title: TBA

Dec 1, 2006: Tony Robbin; Artist, New York
Title: "Quasicrystal Sculpture"

Mar 8, 2006: George Andrews; Member, National Academy of Sciences
and Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics, Penn State University
Title: "Partitions, Probability and Physical Models"

Feb 22, 2006: Gerhard Hegerfeldt; University of Goettingen, Germany
Title: "Atomic matter-wave diffractions by transmission gratings:
Optics vs quantum mechanics"

Jan 9, 2006: Sergei Pilyugin; Dept of Mathematics, University of Florida
Title: "Feedback-mediated oscillatory coexistence in the chemostat"

Nov 21, 2005: Craig Silverstein; Director of Technology, Google
Title: "The Future of Search Results"

Nov 16, 2005: Anthony Leggett; Nobel Laureate, UIUC
Title: " "

Oct 19, 2005: Steven Benner; Distinguihed Professor and Jackson
Professor of Chemistry, University of Florida
Title: "The Origin of and Evolution of Life. What We Think We Know"