Welcome to the Institute for Fundamental Theory

Dominated by spectacular advances and the frenetic pace of research, our age leaves little time to pause and learn from other disciplines. Student training is increasingly specialized, as they seek the frontiers of knowledge in the limited time they have to complete their studies.

Funded by the University of Florida, the purpose of the Institute for Fundamental Theory is to enhance interdisciplinary contacts and stress the commonality of method across different areas of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. It creates an intellectual habitat for students, research associates and Faculty that stresses the universal features of research in their areas, and promotes links to new areas of research.

IFT Faculty are Elementary Particle Physicists, Condensed Matter Physicists, Cosmologists, Relativists, and Astrophysicists who study the Natural World, and seek its common laws and underlying structures. Mathematics plays a central role as it provides a common language, and often points to novel constructs that Nature chooses to use.