The CMS Experiment

The CMS Experiment at CERN
The CMS Experimental Program at UF

The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment is one of the two general purpose detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN (the other being ATLAS). Picture on the left summarizes the main components of the CMS detector. The High Energy Group at the University of Florida is strongly involved in the CMS program. Professor Mitselmakher led the development of the endcap muon detection system ($40M project) and co-leads the CMS Muon System project. Professor Korytov was responsible for managing the design and construction of the 468 Cathode Strip Chambers for the endcap muon system, and Professor Acosta was responsible for the design and construction of a track-finder trigger for this system. Acosta was the chief editor to the CMS Physics Technical Design Report, volume I. Professor Avery helped established the LHC Grid computing model in the US and is the head of the UF US-CMS Tier-2 center, one of seven such sites in the US. He is also a founder of Grid3 and Open Space Grid. Acosta, Korytov, and Mitselmakher are strongly involved in the ongoing commissioning of the CMS Detector. All faculty actively work on preparations for LHC physics in general and, in particular, on preparations for Higgs, SUSY, extra dimension searches.

Darin Acosta
Paul Avery
Richard Field
Sergey Klimenko
Jacobo Konigsberg
Andrey Korytov
Konstantin Matchev (Theory)
Guenakh Mitselmakher
Pierre Ramond (Theory)
John Yelton
Research Personnel (experiment)
Victor Barashko (software engineer)
Paolo Bartalini (research associate)
Dimitri Burilkov (research associate)
Richard Cavanaugh (research associate)
Yu Fu (research associate)
Daniel Holmes (research associate)
Bockjoo Kim (research associate)
Peter Levchenko (research associate)
Alex Madorsky (electronics engineer)
Craig Prescott (research associate)
Jorge Rodriguez (research associate)
Bobby Scurlock (research associate)
Dayong Wang (research associate)
PhD Students (experiment)

Current Students:
Alexey Drozdetskiy
Khristain Kotov
Yuriy Pakhotin
Michael Schmitt

Former Students:
Hai-Feng Pi (graduated 2005)
Bobby Scurlock (graduated 2006)