The Institute of High Energy Physics and Astrophysics (IHEPA) is pleased to announce the 2019 IHEPA Graduate Student Fellowship program. The IHEPA Fellowship is a competitive award, providing full summer support for students interested in research with an IHEPA research group. There is a possibility of supplemental support for awardees already holding a UF fellowship.


Graduate students who have not yet formed their thesis committee are eligible to apply. Previous experience in research in IHEPA areas is not required. Passing the preliminary exam is not required but is preferred. Preference will be given to students less advanced in their graduate career. Applicants must maintain the minimum GPA required by the Physics Department and cannot have been previously awarded an IHEPA fellowship.


Applications are due March 1 at 5:00pm. They should be submitted per email as a single pdf file to Lori Wooten (email: ljw@ufl.edu). Students must submit a statement of interest in a particular IHEPA group, a letter of interest from an IHEPA faculty member who has agreed to be the student's advisor during the duration of the award, and a copy of their graduate and undergraduate record including GRE and preliminary exam results (if existing).


A committee comprising 3 IHEPA faculty members will oversee the award process. Committee members will be selected on a yearly basis by the IHEPA director and approved by the IHEPA faculty. One member will come from Experimental Astrophysics, one from Accelerator Based Physics, and one from either of the programs depending on need for that year. Awards will be announced by March 15.

The number of awards and level of support may vary based on availability of funds. The expected number of awards is up to 5 per year: 2 in the area of Experimental Astrophysics and 3 in the area of Accelerator Based Physics. Awardees will be chosen based on the student's academic record and statement of interest. Preference should be given to students less advanced in their graduate career.