International Summer Research Program in Gravitational-Wave Physics:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates around the world

Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest in our program for Summer 2021, dispite the unusual circumstances which came to transpire during this very unusual year. As of November 1st, 2021, we are now accepting applications for Summer, 2022. Due to the long lead time required to make international arrangements in the many countries we use each Summer, we can only guarantee full consideration for those applications received and complete before December 15th. We strongly recommend that students treat this deadline seriously, so that they can have the best chance of being successful.


If you are interested in participating in the UF IREU program, you should send the following:
(1) Official Transcript
(2) Curriculum Vitae (Please include your current GPA and indicate whether you are a member of a racial and ethnic group recognized as being under-represented in science and engineering.)
(3) Names and contact information of two people willing to write you recommendation letters (preferably people whom you have worked for in a lab); have these people send their letters to support your application directly to us as indicated below.
(4) A ranked list of the five projects you find most interesting (from the Projects page), briefly explaining why. Make sure that for each project you list its title, the project mentor(s), and relevant laboratory or university name.
(5) Name of a person who can act as your mentor in your home institution (if it is one of the people writing you a recommendation letter, just mention this); this would be someone who could help you if you get stuck while reading the introductory material sent by your host to prepare you for your research.
(6) An address (not a dorm) to which a check can be securely sent in Summer, and where there will be somebody who can deposit for you it while you are away; Also, if you cannot be available from May 27th to August 16th, please indicate corresponding dates when you would be available.
(7) Information on your international travel status: If you are a US citizen, do you already have, or will you be able and willing to obtain, a US passport? If you are a permanent resident and not a citizen, tell us your nationality and about any restrictions you are aware of for travel to one of our host countries.

Requirements (2)-(7) should be sent to Please ask the people writing your letters to email them directly to

The transcript (requirement #1) must be addressed to:

Attention: Gravitational Physics International REU Program
Department of Physics
University of Florida
2001 Museum Road
P.O. Box 118440
Gainesville, FL 32611-8440

Application Deadline
There is an effective deadline of December 15th for receipt of all admission materials. By far the best chance for getting matched to a project is by taking this deadline seriously. We may continue to review applications until all positions are filled. However, in the past, applications received after 15th December have rarely been successful.