International Summer Research Program in Gravitational-Wave Physics:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates around the world

Albert Einstein Institute and GEO in Hanover
Director: Prof. Karsten Danzmann
The Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) in Hanover is the experimental branch of the AEI in Potsdam. As part of the Max Planck Society in Germany, the AEI is one of the best groups in gravitational wave research in the world. The AEI is associated with the University of Hanover and students at all levels from the University work with scientists from the AEI on a large range of different projects like the GEO600 detector, LISA interferometry, or cutting edge technologies like optical squeezing. The AEI together with the Laser Zentrum Hanover, one of the leading laser research institutes in the world, developed and characterized the Advanced LIGO laser system. Each of these areas is led by one senior research scientist who leads a team of postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students.