International Summer Research Program in Gravitational-Wave Physics:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates around the world

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), Tokyo
Director: Prof. Seiji Kawamura
NAOJ is a large national research facility in Mitaka, a suburb of Tokyo. Several hundred scientists and students at all levels work on site in many different areas. One of the main areas is gravitational wave detection. NAOJ is the host institution of TAMA300, the Japanese gravitational wave detector. This detector once featured the best sensitivity of any gravitational wave detector and is now the prototype for the future cryogenic gravitational wave detector (LCGT). Research projects at NAOJ include tests of different interferometer topologies like resonant speed meter, displacement-noise free interferometer, and quantum non-demolition measurements. The group also investigates high frequency (MHZ) GW-detectors and studies DECIGO, a proposed Japanese space-based GW-detector to follow the LISA observatory.