Instructions, reserving and access


INSTRUCTIONS on powering up the Lightboard

Lightboard PowerPoint Slide Template

Download Template

Reserving time on the lightboard

Review times available on the Lightboard schedule CALENDAR

When an available time is found on the Lightboard contact:

John Mocko

Physics Faculty may contact John Mocko directly in the physics building.

Direct access to Lightboard

If you are a frequent user of the Lightboard and would like a key to the room:
1) You must be trained in using the Lightboard and be approved for getting a key by either UF Online or John Mocko.
2) Once approval is received, contact Tim Noland in the Physics department for a key.
Physics faculty may already have a key to the room if you have a 002 teaching master key.

Lightboard Design and Setup

John Mocko's webpage with Lightboard design information.