Bay 1

Bay 1 was completed in 1988, and was designed with special features to enable experiments at the lowest possible temperatures, such as nuclear spin ordering of solid 3He or nuclear spin ordering in metals. Today it is the only magnet station reserved for use by UF faculty; the others are for users of the National High Magnetic Field Facility.

The refrigerator is equipped with a 173 moles of copper nuclear demagnetization stage. The combination of a large circulation refrigeration (Oxford model 1000DR) and the copper stage provides the lowest temperature range. Double demagnetization technique can be used for studying the nuclear magnetism of solid 3He and other systems.

Reference: Xu et al., J. Low Temp. Phys. 89, Issue 3-4, pp 719-722 (1992)

Precooling Oxford model 1000DR (1 mW cooling power at 100 mK)
Nuclear Stage 173 moles of copper in 8 Tesla, Tmin = 75 µK
Magnet System Two 8 Tesla superconducting magnets
One 2 Tesla magnet inside vacuum space
Specialized instruments

Two RF SQUIDs for ultra-sensitive magnetic measurements
3He melting curve and Pt NMR thermometers
High sensitivity bridges
High pressure gas handling system

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