Microkelvin Facilities

The facilities consist of three experimental bays: two housing copper nuclear demagnetization refrigerators completed in 1989, and the third containing a PrNi5 nuclear refrigerator completed in 1994 as part of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL). Today, Bay 2 and Bay 3 are operated as the NHMFL High B/T Facility and open to all qualified users worldwide.
Special Features
A number of innovative design features have been developed for the Microkelvin facility to provide an ultra-quiet environment needed for experimental research below milliKelvin temperatures.

⚹ Each bay accommodates a 15-foot dewar that is supported by a 13-foot concrete tripod whose feet are anchored in 5-ton concrete blocks independent of the building in order to isolate the research apparatus from mechanical vibrations.

⚹ Generators in the facility exclusively supply clean uninterrupted electrical power for measurements.

⚹ Liquid helium levels and the rates of helium boil-off in all dewars are monitored continuously via Cryonet. The monitoring provides a measure of safety in case of magnet or dewar malfunction. Liquid helium is supplied to the research stations by UF Cryogenic Services as needed.

Supported by: The National High Magnetic Field Lab | The National Science Foundation | The State of Florida | The University of Florida

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