Research Opportunities for Students

Graduate Opportunities
Graduate students can take full adavantage of this state of the art facility for their Ph.D and M.S. theses. Graduate students at the MicroKelvin Lab are closely instructed not only by faculty but also by experienced staff scientists and engineers, including visiting scientists in the field. Since ultra-low temperqture experiments require a variety of skills, recent Ph.D recipients have been offered jobs from high-tech industries as well as from academia.

Research Assistantships are available during the program. Please make contact with principal investigators for details.

Undergraduate Opportunities
Academic Year

Undergraduate students at the MicroKelvin Lab participate in research while learning basic skills such as vacuum technique, constructing/designing electronic circuits, engineering mechanical parts, interpreting experimental data through computer programming, and designing computer interfaces for experimental purposes. Assistantships are available for qualified students. Please contact individual principal investigators directly.

Summer research opportunities are available at the Microkelvin Lab through two Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs: the UF Physics REU and the MagLab REU. As part of these programs, students work closely with graduate students, post-docs, and principal investigators on a specific research project. Interested students should apply directly to either program.

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