Safety Policies for User Access to the Microkelvin Lab

All members of a user group carrying out experiments at the Microkelvin Lab must observe all the safety precautions required by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the University of Florida.

All users must comply with
the following saftey instructions:

Prior to carrying out an experiment, all members of the user group must pass the safety training provided by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Access to the High B/T facility is limited to authorized personnel who will be provided with a UF key for entry.

Review the NHMFL Integrated Saftey Management plan.

1. No user may transfer cryogenic fluids.

2. No user may charge or discharge any magnets in the facility.

3. All undergraduate students must be accompanied by a supervising faculty or staff member at all times.

4. Users may not be present in the lower floor area when the dewars or electromagnetic shields (socks”) are being raised or lowered and when the pit covers are temporarily open.

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IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 911 (9-911 from a campus phone)
In a non-emergency, call UF Police at 352-392-1111
The UF Microkelvin building number is 99. The New Physics Building is 92.
The physical address is: 1819 Stadium Road, Gainesville FL, 32611

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