Chris Reeg, E. Raymond Andrew Memorial Award Recipient


December 2015


The E. Raymond Andrew Memorial Award is given to a senior graduate student in physics for distinction in research. This award honors Professor Raymond Andrew who made numerous pioneering contributions to the field of magnetic resonance imaging. Professor Andrew was a Graduate Research Professor in the Department from 1983 until 1998. This year's Andrew Award goes to Chris Reeg one of our most productive CMT students.


Chris Reeg, pictured with Graduate Coordinator Guido Mueller, is an academically successful student in the department. As an undergraduate student, Chris took "Introduction to Solid State Physics" with his current advisor, Professor Dmitrii Maslov. Dr. Maslov was particularly impressed by Chris' outstanding performance in the class. His solutions were impeccable and could have been published as a Solution Manual. Fortunately, Chris accepted a prestigious UF Alumni Fellowship and joined the Physics graduate school.