Chris Billman, Charles F. Hooper Jr. Memorial Award Recipient

December 2016


The Charles F. Hooper Jr. Memorial Award is made annually to senior graduate students in physics who have shown distinction in research and teaching. The Award honors the memory of Professor Charles ("Chuck") Hooper who made seminal contributions to the Department as a Chair, as a distinguished researcher, and as a beloved mentor/teacher.


This year’s Charles Hooper awards goes to Chris Billman. Chris' advisor, Professor Hai-Ping Cheng, writes “Chris's broad training and flexibility has made him an important contributor to the LIGO collaboration. He has spent three months at the LIGO Livingston site as an LSC Fellow studying environmental noise on the detector. His work on amorphous silica is an important contribution to modeling efforts to reducing coating thermal noise. Chris also has a passion for teaching and has taught many different classes both in and outside of the physics department.” Congratulations Chris!


Chris is pictured with department chair, Kevin Ingersent