Peayush Choubey, E. Raymond Andrew Memorial Award Recipient

December 2016


The E. Raymond Andrew Memorial Award is given to a senior graduate student in physics for distinction in research. The award honors Professor Raymond Andrew, who made numerous pioneering contributions to the field of magnetic resonance imaging. Professor Andrew was a Graduate Research Professor in the Department from 1983 until 1998.


This year’s Andrew Award goes to Peayush Choubey. Peayush’s research is on modeling STM images in the superconducting state of inhomgeneous superconductors. His advisor, Professor Peter Hirschfeld, writes that Peayush “has solved some really important longstanding problems. The two papers he has published so far have made a big splash, resulting in invitations to two international meetings and inquiries to him to apply his method to other problems.” Congratulations Peayush!