Dipsikha Debnath, Recipient of the Graduate Student Fellowship award from the UF Informatics Institute

November 2016


Dipsikha Debnath, a 5th year graduate student working under the supervision of Professor Konstantin Matchev, has won a Graduate Student Fellowship award from the UF Informatics Institute. The award provides for a one year Research Assistantship at the Informatics Institute, in order "to promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration to help solve challenging problems." Dipsikha's research aims at developing new analysis techniques for the large data sets describing particle collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In this she takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining methods from statistics and applied mathematics, in particular computational geometry, to provide the theoretical tools for recognizing the tiny amount of new physics signal among the sea of background events at the LHC. These mathematical approaches and algorithms are likely to have applications in many areas beyond the realm of particle physics, especially in the context of "Big Data."