Tim Noland, Employee of the Year 2016


December 2016


This year’s Physics Employee of the Year is our Building Maintenance Specialist Tim Noland. Tim’s is a familiar face all over the Physics Building and our outposts in Williamson Hall and the Microkelvin Lab. He has numerous responsibilities covering safety, security, tracking of space and property, telephones, and a myriad of other tasks essential for the functioning of the department. We all know that when a problem arises, we can drop Tim a line and he will take care of it himself or quickly call in people who can fix the issue.


Tim was a crucial player in assisting the department through a federal space audit this past spring. He maintains every lab in the building, and assures that space is used appropriately and professionally. This inspection was very important to UF since the audit was part of a negotiation with the federal government with around $50M/year at stake.


We are very lucky to work with someone of Tim’s expertise and positive outlook on life. Please join me in congratulating him on his well-deserved recognition as the Physics Employee of the Year.


Tim Noland pictured with department chair, Kevin Ingersent.