Ilaria Pucher and Jihee Yang, both recipients of the Tom Scott Memorial Award

December 2016


The Tom Scott Memorial Award is made annually to a senior graduate student in experimental physics who has shown distinction in research. The award honors the memory of Professor Tom Scott who made significant contributions to the Department both as Chair and as a noted researcher.


This year, the Tom Scott award will be split between Ilaria Pucher and Jihee Yang.


Ilaria Pucher's research advisor is Professor Andrew Rinzler, who writes, “Ilaria is to be commended for making very substantial inroads into lower cost catalytic electrodes for hydrogen electrolysis. Her work on the all carbon hydrogen evolving cathodes also has application in reversible lithium air battery anodes. The world has yet to realize it, but through her dedication and effort, the world's outlook for renewable energy storage is decidedly better.” Congratulations Ilaria!


Jihee Yang works with Professor Gary Ihas who writes, “In my opinion, and those of our international community (as expressed during and after her talks at the two Quantum Fluids and Solids Conferences in which she presented her careful experimental results), she has discovered new features in turbulence decay which force us to re-think our basic assumptions and theories on this decay. She has done this completely on her own, starting with designing the experiments and building the complete apparatus-hardware, electronics, software, and extended theory.” Congratulations Jihee!


Ilaria and Jihee are pictured with department chair, Kevin Ingersent