Profesor Andrew Rinzler, newly elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

January 2017


Professor Andrew Rinzler has recently been elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. Andrew is a world-class expert in the fabrication of carbon nanotubes and their applications ranging from AFM tips, Ohmic contacts to semiconductors, transparent conductive films, novel transistor and light emitting transistor architectures and catalysis for hydrogen evolution from water splitting. He is co-inventor on approximately 40 U.S. patents, many of which are licensed and which form the basis for two companies.


NAI Fellows are selected for their outstanding contributions to discovery and technology. Andrew is joined by two other UF faculty (Juan Gilbert and Nicholas Muzyczka) in a class of 175 new Fellows, who will be inducted on April 6 at the Sixth Annual Conference of the NAI at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.


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Congratulations to Professor Rinzler on this well-deserved honor.


Photo: Prof. Rinzler working on a hydrogen fuel cell system that makes use of his group's novel carbon based catalyst.