The symposium will be focused on areas of research exemplified in the career of Professor Öhrn: Nonadiabatic approaches to reactive atomic and molecular processes; dynamics without potential energy surfaces; alternative descriptions of time dependent phenomena; propagator methods and response properties.

Yngve grew up in Sweden. After two years of military service in the Swedish Signal Corps he enrolled at Uppsala University in September 1955, receiving a BS degree in 1958 with honors in mathematics and physics. From 1958-66 he was a Research Assistant in the Uppsala Quantum Chemistry Group founded and directed by Per-Olov Löwdin. He helped establish the Quantum Theory Project (QTP) at the University of Florida and spent 1961-63 there as a Research Assistant Professor and Fulbright Fellow. After his Ph.D. degree from Uppsala in 1966 with a dissertation on propagator theory and electron correlation he joined the University of Florida as Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics, then becoming Professor and serving terms as Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Director of QTP.

Yngve is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, and a foreign member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, the Finnish Academy of Sciences and the Royal Science Society of Uppsala University, Sweden. Yngve has lectured at Summer Schools and institutions in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. He has published over 170 research articles and three monographs.