Axions 2010 - Presentations

Speaker Institution Talk
Howard A. Baer Univ. Oklahoma SO(10) SUSY GUTs with mainly axion cold dark matter: implications for cosmology and colliders
Keith Baker Yale LIPSS Weakly Interacting Sub-eV Particle Searches
Philippe Brax Saclay Coupled Scalars in Cosmology
Clare Burrage DESY Searching for axion-like particles with active galactic nuclei
Aaron Chou Fermilab Probes of the 10-11 GeV-1 axion-photon coupling scale
John Clarke Berkeley The Microstrip SQUID Amplifier: Upgrading the Axion Detector
Sergei Dubovsky Stanford Exploring String Axiverse with Astrophysical Black Holes
Leanne Duffy Los Alamos The Milky Way's dark matter distribution and consequences for axion detection
Daniel Grin Caltech Cosmological searches for thermal axions (VIDEO)
Paolo Gondolo Utah Axion Dark Matter in Standard and Non-Standard Cosmologies
Chris Hagmann LLNL Axions from cosmic string and wall decay
Joerg Jaeckel Durham Light Particles - a Window to Fundamental Physics
Jihn E. Kim Seoul National Univ. What will be written?
Axel Lindner DESY Recent Results from ALPS and Future Perspectives
Makoto Minowa U. of Tokyo Tokyo Axion Helioscope
Guido Mueller University of Florida Resonantly Enhanced Axion-Photon Regeneration
Alexandre Payez Liege Large-scale coherent orientations of quasar polarization vectors: interpretation in terms of axion-like particles
Roberto Peccei UCLA Why PQ?
Georg Raffelt Max Planck Inst. Axion bounds from precision cosmology
John Ralston Kansas U. Axions and Cosmological Anisotropy
Javier Redondo MPI Constraining Resonant Photon-Axion Conversions in the Early Universe
Andreas Ringwald DESY Challenges and Opportunities for the Next-Generation of Photon Regeneration Experiments
Michael Romalis Princeton New laboratory limits on nuclear spin-dependent forces (VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2)
Leslie J Rosenberg Univ. Washington The Axion Dark-Matter Experiment
Leszek Roszkowski Sheffield The Dark Axis and the LHC
Gray Rybka Univ. Washington Exotic Physics with ADMX
Mikhail Shifman U. of Minnesota Nonabelian Strings and Axion
Scott Thomas Rutgers Detecting String-Scale QCD Axion Dark Matter
Michael Turner University of Chicago Reflections on the 25+ Year Axion Legacy
Karl Van Bibber Naval Postgraduate School Pierre Sikivie and the Gift for Simple Ideas
Mark Wise Caltech Violations of Rotational and Translational Invariance during Inflation
Qiaoli Yang Univ. Florida Axion BEC.
Jonghee Yoo Fermilab Search for Dark Matter and Axions: CDMS experiment
Ariel Zhitnitsky U. British Colombia The theta term in QCD as the source of both: DM (axion) and DE (dark energy)
Konstantin Zioutas CERN CAST: An inspiring axion helioscope à la Sikivie
Giovanni Cantatore Università di Trieste Roundtable: 3rd Axion Strategy Meeting