Any changes to this schedule will be e-mailed to REU participants, but the most current version will always be at .
Summer 2021 Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Week 1
Sun. May 30 -
Mon. May 31
Participants arrive in Gainesville.
Tue. June 1 Campus tour, orientation meeting, and lunch with mentors. Partipants staying at Oakbrook Walk meet at the apartment complex office at 9:30 am. UF student participants meet in front of the Physics Building at 11:30am for orientation. Lunch with research mentors will start at 12 noon (also in front of Physics building).
Thu. June 3,
Laboratory safety workshop led by UF Environmental Health and Safety. All REU participants must attend. (NPB 1002)
Fri. June 4,
2:00 pm
REU Meeting: Library resources with Dr. Sara Gonzalez. (NPB 1002)
Fri. June 4,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Presentation and lab tour by Prof. Xiao-Xiao Zhang on nanoscale materials. (NPB 1002)
Sat. June 5,
12 noon
Cook-out at Lake Wauburg North Park. Food and drinks will be provided. Bring your Gator-1 card to allow admission to the park, as well as access to canoes, kayaks, volleyball equipment, etc.
Week 2
Fri. June 11,
2:00 pm
REU Meeting: Placing your research in context: the introduction section of a paper. Student discussions in small groups. (NPB 1002)
Fri. June 11,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Presentation and lab tour by Prof. Russ Bowers on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in chemistry, physics, and materials science. (NPB 1002)
Week 3
Fri. June 18,
2:00 pm
REU Meeting: Applying to graduate school with Prof. Sergei Klimenko, director of graduate admissions for physics department.
Fri. June 18,
3:00 pm
REU Meeting: Graduate student panel on the graduate student experience and advice.
Week 4
Fri. June 25,
REU Meeting: Brief student presentations (2-3 min) on your research area, topic, and plan. How to write a paper or talk efficiently. (NPB 1002)
Fri. June 25,
REU Meeting: Tour of the HiPerGator 3.0 supercomputer. We will carpool to the Gainesville East Campus, leaving the Physics building at about 3:30pm.
Week 5
Fri. July 2 REU Meeting: Prof. Biswas will lead a tour to the Microkelvin facility and the helium liquification facility.
Week 6
Mon. July 5 Holiday
Fri. July 9,
REU Meeting: Prof. Biswas will give an introduction to nanofabrication and then we will all walk over to the UF Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF) for an official tour.
Week 7
Mon. July 12,
2:00-4:00 pm
Communications workshop: The structure of a scientific paper.
Important: Bring to this session a description (three or four well-organized paragraphs) of the purpose, plan, and scope of your REU research project. This description, which may eventually form the introduction to your end-of-project report, should be accessible to your non-expert peers. It should be prepared with a word processor (use whatever system you'll employ for preparing your final report) and printed double-spaced. Use of literature citations is optional.
Fri. July 16,
REU meeting: Research presentation and laboratory tour by Prof. Juan Guan on biophysics.
Week 8
Mon. July 19,
2:00 pm
Communications workshop: Presentation of scientific data, figures, and ethics in science.
Fri. July 23,
2:00 pm
REU Meeting: Nonacademic career paths: making a skills based resume and networking. We will have former physics students who are now working in industry tell you about their experiences and answer your questions.
Week 9
Mon. July 26,
2:00 pm
Communications workshop: Oral communications skills for scientific presentations and communicating science to the public.
Fri. July 23,
2:00 pm
REU Meeting: Astrophysics research with a presentation and tour from the LIGO group by Dr. Anna Green.
Fri. July 30 Deadline for submitting the first version of your end-of-project report. This will be done electronically so there is no need to miss the regular REU meeting.
Week 10
Mon. Aug. 2,
2:00 pm
Communications workshop: During this session, you will be expected to deliver the introduction to your final presentation. More detailed instructions will be provided during the first session.
Wed. Aug. 4,
1:00 pm
Deadline for submitting final version of end-of-project report. Provide both the original in whatever word processor you are using and a pdf version.
Thur. Aug. 5 Student presentations The times will be scheduled after the communications workshop on Monday. We will not need this entire time slot, and there will be times that the room is open for you to practice if you wish.
Fri. Aug. 6,
10:00 am-12:00 pm
Last day of REU program: Check that final paper and talk are submitted, hand in keys, followed by exit interviews and lunch.
Sat. Aug. 7,
Latest check-out time for Oakbrook Walk residences.